New Print Magazine Will Serve the Wind Power Industry

Wind Power Engineering logo 2009WIND POWER ENGINEERING, a print magazine and website, will be launched by publisher WTWH Media (DESIGN WORLD.)

With an initial circulation of 7,500, the print magazine will take “a technical tutorial approach on the design engineering, installation and maintenance of wind-related products,” WTWH said.  It will print twice in 2009 and six times in 2010.

Their website is at

Good News for Online Magazines: Broadband Growing Despite Recession

A survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that people are twice as likely to say they have cut back or canceled a cell phone plan or cable TV service than Internet service.

The research shows 63% of adult Americans surveyed now have broadband Internet connections at home; home broadband adoption rates are up 15% in 2009.  The growth in broadband adoption indicates that the recession has had little effect on decisions about whether to buy or keep a home high-speed Internet connection.