Mountain Sports + Living Will Relaunch in September

Mountain Sports + LivingMOUNTAIN SPORTS + LIVING magazine will be relaunched by High Country Media, a newly formed company to offer the resort and ski industry high-end but affordable, targeted media products.

Founder Jamie Pentz said: “The goal is to appeal to the entire demographic spectrum of mountain enthusiasts, with a special focus on the ones who live in places like Atlanta, LA, New York, or the Mountain West.”

The new quarterly will have a circulation of 125,000 and the editorial director is Marc Peruzzi.  The website is at

Ceased Magazines – A Round-Up

STYLE, a Las Vegas Venetian and Palazzo resorts in-room quarterly, will cease publication with its Summer 2009 issue.  It was published by the Greenspun Media Group.

QUAD-STATE BUSINESS JOURNAL has ceased publication with the June issue.  It covered regional business in the area around Winchester, VA.

CABLE IN THE CLASSROOM will cease with Its July/August issue.  It covered multimedia in the classroom curriculum.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE MAGAZINE will fold after July 5.  Replacement is new section, SUNDAY, with mostly “repurposed” material.

HEALTHCARE HAZARD MANAGEMENT MONITOR will shut down after its July issue.  It covered safety, security, technical and management issues.

INFECTIONS IN MEDICINE and THE AIDS READER have ceased print production but will remain online.

THE HOCKOMOCK SWAMP RAT just ceased.  It covered the New England running circuit .

The Baffler Is Returning

THE BAFFLER was an irregular magazine with the purpose of “confronting the pomposities of power” and will relaunch in October.

Thomas Frank started the popular left-wing magazine of business and culture in Chicago in 1988.  It was last published in the spring of 2007; before that, it had been lying dormant since 2003.  With a new publisher, Conor O’Neil, the magazine will be on a regular, twice-yearly schedule, reversing its tradition of haphazardly publishing issues pretty much whenever one was ready.  Dave “Diamonds” Mulcahey will return to the staff as managing editor.

It’s Amazing How Cheerful the New MPA Handbook Can Get

MPASure, the Magazine Publishers of America is the US lobbying…eh, trade organization for the magazine industry, but even in a recession, they can’t find ANY troubling statistics, except for ad pages?  But then they paid for most of the research.

So, let’s suspend all disbelief and wade into some interesting numbers for 2008:

Total number of magazines: 20,590
Total number consumer titles: 7,383

Just keep in mind that these numbers include annuals, semi-annuals, special interest magazines, i.e. the kitchen sink.

Number of magazines with websites: 13,247
Number of consumer magazines with websites: 7,473

Total number of new magazines launched (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly only): 195

Top 5 new magazines launched by category:
18 metropolitan/regional/state
18 sports
14 crafts/games/hobbies/models
13 automotive
11 home/home service

Advertising contributed 59% to a magazine’s bottom line, subscriptions 28% and single-copy sales 13%.  (2007 stats for some reason, which was not divulged.)

There are a few “you had to do research to find that out?”  Such as website visits increased if the URL was included in the ad.

But one lurking problem that should have been pointed out but isn’t, can be found in the chart on page 14, “Subscription/Single Copy Sales 1999 – 2008” which shows that “in 2008, 88% of total circulation was from magazine subscriptions, while single copy sales accounted for the remaining 12%.”

But the chart also shows that total magazine sales have not increased since 1999 (the earliest year shown,) even though the US population is growing.  Which means magazines are losing readers.

You can check it out yourself here.

Austin Lifestyle Magazine Sold

Rare MagazineRARE Magazine, a lifestyle magazine in Austin, TX, has been sold by founder Matt Swinney to business partner Taylor Perkins, a real estate and events executive.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Perkins is now the sole owner and publisher and plans to “enhance aspects of the publication as it now exists, from art to editorial.”  He said events will continue to be a major focus for the magazine.

Hispanic Chamber Assumes Oversight of Milwaukee Magazine

Aqui Magazine¡AQUI! MILWAUKEE, a monthly magazine that has been published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel targeting second- and third-generation Hispanics in southeast Wisconsin, will suspend publication for the remainder of 2009 while the Hispanic Chamber seeks a partner, investor or buyer.

The chamber took ownership of the monthly for a nominal $1 fee but does not want to enter the magazine publishing business.  Raul Vasquez, who is the magazine’s editor and associate publisher, will remain with the publication.

“I didn’t want to lose ¡Aquí! and I certainly didn’t want to lose Raul Vasquez,” chamber executive director Maria Monreal-Cameron told The Business Journal of Milwaukee.