Bloomberg Markets Magazine to Expand

Bloomberg MarketsBLOOMBERG MARKETS is planning a print and online expansion of its magazine and has staffed up for it.

Michael Dukmejian, who was recently named publisher of the magazine, comes from Time Inc, where he spent 26 years and published titles such as FORTUNE and MONEY and oversaw the website.  Other recent hires include Norm Pearlstine, the former Time Inc editor-in-chief, and Andy Lack, the former NBC News president.

They will be tasked to expand the magazine beyond the traditional Bloomberg terminal subscribers, who now exclusively receive the publication.

The magazine had a circulation of 324,000, up 5%, at the end of last year.  The private company discloses few financial details, but it is known that the publication is subsidized by the $1,590 monthly terminal fees.

Mr Dukmejian said he saw opportunities to broaden the reach of the monthly magazine to more people in senior management positions, and to broaden its pool of advertisers.

Also, Ronald Henkoff, the magazine’s editor, said it was keen to address its digital strategy, and Mr Dukmejian said it was “certainly in the realm of possibilities” that it would start charging for its articles online.


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