Planned Lifestyle Magazine is All about Women

VAIN magazineVAIN is scheduled to launch this fall as a quarterly in select markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC.

Editor-in-chief Rachelle Gauthier,, is creating the magazine to “capture the essence and core of all women, with a direct focus on self.”  It will cover everyday life issues, trends, fashion, beauty, cars, culture, politics, financial advice, food, exercise, music and celebrities while paying attention to all types of women.

The website is already available at

The Top 50 Canadian Magazines

Canadian flagThe Top 50 list of magazines in Canada, per, is out and the top 10 of those are (in order):

READER’S DIGEST (Canadian version)
TIME Canadian version – is now ceased)

No real surprises there.  The interesting list is the “up-and-comers,” i.e. the ones that almost made the list:


You can catch up on the whole list here.

Horse Tracks – A Little Bit of Everything

Wooden HorseCRITICAS is “back.”  LIBRARY JOURNAL announced today that it will resume reviewing Spanish-language books for adults and children, a service that was critically needed, according to REFORMA member and former Criticas blogger Loida García-Febo.  Criticas, published by Reed Elsevier, ceased publication in February.

INTERVIEW and owner Brant Publications have a checkered past and an uncertain future.  Before you pitch or query, read this article. is a new Internet magazine for men.  It covers the usual: Gear, gadgets, fashion, food, sports, women, cars.

Johnson Publishing (EBONY, JET) is in deep financial trouble and are asking freelancers to write for free.  Read article at

Great Northern Outdoors is a new Internet magazine about fishing, hunting and the outdoors around the Great Lakes and upper Midwest.  The site is edited by former Detroit News bureau chief Dave Spratt.

New Magazine with a Unique Canadian Focus

Arabella magazineARABELLA, with the subtitle “Canadian Art, Architecture & Design,” provides in-depth information on the best of Canadian residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and art.

The quarterly attempts to take readers beyond the home design, architecture and art and connect them to the real people, who “create and inhabit the homes, enjoy the fine food, wine and captivating travel destinations and make living life well their passion.”

It is published by Arabella Publications Inc and launched last fall.  It now has a circulation of 80,000, mostly in Ontario with the goal of becoming national.  Debra Usher,, is founder and editor-in-chief.  Their website is at

Take the Week Off! Editors Busy Preparing Michael Jackson Special Issues

Don’t bother querying or pitching celebrity, news or music magazines this week; editors are scurrying around to put out commemorative issues on Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, and deciding such weighty matters as: “Do they put Michael Jackson on the cover and have a large inset at the top of Farrah Fawcett, or do they put out two different covers for different parts of the country?” as one editor at a celebrity title asked

Both OK! and PEOPLE had the good luck to move up their closing dates because of the July 4th weekend, so OK! will hit newsstands Tuesday with a full tribute, ahead of rivals IN TOUCH and LIFE & STYLE WEEKLY, which will have to wait until Wednesday.  People, which typically publishes on Friday, will also publish Wednesday.

ROLLING STONE will put out a newsstand-only Michael Jackson tribute issue on July 10, with more than 100 pages of photos and commentary, and no advertising.

American Media Inc, publisher of STAR and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, will also be rushing out a commemorative newsstand issue.  A million copies will drop the middle of next week, and the publisher will distribute an additional 500,000 in Europe.

“This is as big as when Elvis Presley died,” AMI CEO David Pecker said.

LIFE is planning a “bookazine.”

Time's Michael Jackson coverBut the first magazine out of the gate will be TIME.  Today, Monday, it will publish a special issue that will include photos, stories on Jackson’s music and reminisces from celebrities and companions.  Time last published a special edition in between its weekly issues in the days following September 11, 2001.  It sold more than 3.2 million copies.

Newsweek coverUPDATE JUNE 30: Newsweek had to turn its regular issue into a pseudo-Jackson commemorative issue in 24 hours.  The planned feature was books and what to read but the editors added a 9-page Jackson section and a new cover.  And hiked the price a dollar to $6.95.

UPDATE JULY 3: If you haven’t maxed out on Michael Jackson editions, journalism professor and magazine expert Samir Husni has found 15 (and probably counting.)