New Opportunities for Canadian Freelance Writers

Winnipeg, MB-based publisher Market Zone Productions has launched, or will launch, three new magazines this year, all to be written mostly by freelance writers.

Western Farm Family magazineWESTERN FARM FAMILY was mailed in April to 22,000 farm families in Manitoba.  It is a magazine about the lives of farmwomen and features profiles of women with farm backgrounds.  Topics covered include raising children, finances, and health issues.

Green Builder Canada magazineGREEN BUILDER CANADA will be sent in September to construction contractors, home builders, land developers, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property managers, as well as government agencies and municipal offices.  13,000 copies will be distributed nationally.  It will focus on trends and products geared towards environmentally friendly, sustainable practices in the construction business.  Its debut issue consists of a recap of the annual Canada Green Building Council National Summit and a feature story on one of the “greenest structures” in the country, the Manitoba Hydro building.

GREEN MECHANICAL JOURNAL is scheduled to reach 7,500 Canadian contractors and municipal offices by October.  It also covers green practices, but it is too early in its development for details.
Canadian School Counsellor magazine cover
In addition, the company launched CANADIAN SCHOOL COUNSELLOR and has already increased that magazine’s circulation from 2,700 to 3,500.

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