Saturday Evening Post Returns to Its Roots

Saturday Evening PostSATURDAY EVENING POST, a centuries-old publication that helped make illustrator Norman Rockwell a household name and showcased some of America’s greatest writers, is turning back time to better reflect contemporary American society with its July/August 2009 issue.

“We are focusing on America — past, present, and future,” said Joan SerVaas, the magazine’s publisher.  “As Americans face uncertain times, people are looking for enjoyment in simple things and finding comfort from traditional values.  For three centuries, The Saturday Evening Post has chronicled the rich history and the cultural evolution of American life.”

The redesign will broaden its focus to become a general interest magazine again and tell the story of American life through in-depth features, fiction, and art.  It will include writing of popular radio and television commentator Charles Osgood, authors Ray Bradbury and John Hemingway, and other award-winning journalists.  Likewise, the magazine that discovered Norman Rockwell is searching for America’s next great artists and fiction writers to continue its legacy of chronicling the story of American life.

In addition to Osgood’s regular commentary, regular topics include travel, food, finance, health, fiction, and a focus on features that explore America – past, present and future.

Maureen Mercho, CEO for the Post, said ad sales had dropped because of the recession, prompting the magazine to look for ways to broaden its base.  Post officials hope that the magazine could boost circulation to 500,000 in the coming years.


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