Rachael Ray Is Doing a ‘Martha Stewart’

Rachael Ray magazine cover for July 2009EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY is following the lead of Martha Stewart, who successfully became a “lifestyle brand” in part because her incarceration forced her marketing team to shift the focus beyond “Martha Stewart the person.”

No, Rachael is not going to prison (as far as we know.)  But relying on a popular personality to kick off a magazine may be good start-up strategy, but in the long run it can be limiting.  So, like Martha, Rachael will – ever so slowly – shift her reputation from a pure cooking celeb to a ‘lifestyle’ one with all the added product endorsements that the category brings.

Rachael Ray magazine cover for August 2009The first small step is to loosen the coupling between the person and the original perception.  We see that on the cover of the August issue of her magazine where Rachael is not the main focus.  Still, the profitable cooking connection is retained by the cover displaying a heaping plate of ribs.  But to soothe worried readers, Rachael will be back headlining the September and October covers, according to a mediaweek.com article.


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