The Wooden Horse Round-Up

Wooden Horse pony* PANGAIA, the Pagan/Wiccan lifestyle magazine, has been folded into online publication WITCHES & PAGANS, which will launch on August 1…

* THE CHURCH HERALD, a magazine for members of the Reformed Church in America, is ceasing publication after its September/October issue.  It covered issues and trends that impact Christians, including worldwide religious news, editorials and missions…

* If you would like to know what kind of discounts you can get from major magazine publishers on advertising in their magazines, have an informative article here

* CSI MAGAZINE, the official magazine of the hit CBS TV series, was put away after only 11 issues…

* GOVERNING, a provider of news, information and best practices for top state and city government officials, is for sale…

* PAGE SIX is returning.  The New York Post gossip insert published weekly until Feb 15, when it went into hiatus; it will become quarterly in September, per…

* MANAGED DENTAL CARE has ceased publication with August 2009 as its last issue.  The magazine was edited for professionals in the dental health care industry and reported on the latest mergers, acquisitions and partnerships of managed dental and dental practice management firms.


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