Southern Accents Staffers Get the Dreaded Memo

“In this difficult economy, we need to focus our energy, resources and investment on our biggest and most profitable brands, so we had to make this difficult decision,” Sylvia Auton, Time Inc EVP who oversees Southern Progress, wrote.

Souther Access coverThe magazine’s website,, will stay up – at least for now.

Publisher Steve Cumming and 19 others will be laid off.  Editor-in-Chief Karen Carroll most likely will find another position with the company.

The 32-year old, 400,000-circ bimonthly focused on luxurious homes, entertaining, travel, fine arts and antiques all wrapped in a Southern cloak.

But shelter publications have been especially hard hit with HOME, DOMINO, INSTYLE HOME, COTTAGE LIVING, BLUEPRINT, COUNTRY HOME and O AT HOME all being shuttered in the last two years.  The category lost 28% in ad pages the first half of 2009.  When Southern Accents came in at 37% down in the same period, Ms Auton caught a flight to Birmingham to tell the staff and distribute her memo.


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