The Stirring Tale of the Coffee Stirrers

The death watch is on.

It’s not only the blogosphere and the twitterati; even the MSM and the New York Post are watching – and commenting on – every cost-chopping move consultants from McKinsey & Co are making inside publisher Conde Nast.

The Topic of the Century this week was the Case of the Vanishing Coffee Stirrers.

The savings!

According to inside sources, who prefer to remain anonymous because of the sensitive subject, the entire 4 Times Square building is now stirrer-less.  The plight of the deprived VOGUE* and VANITY FAIR* staffers created a tremendous response among the bloggers.  Help poured in from everywhere and ranged from “bring a spoon” and “pour in the milk first” to the possible contributions of Brownian motion.

Alas, the company must have saved enough on the coffee stirrers that the Conde Nast death watchers were relieved to hear that Anna Wintour of VOGUE* will not have to tighten her belt during her usual autumn trek to London, Paris and Milan for the fashion extravaganzas.  According to, “Wintour’s European entourage, which is usually about 10 people including her creative director, fashion director, several top stylists, European market editor, beauty editor and Publisher Tom Florio, is estimated to cost the company close to $250,000 in travel expenses.”

Too bad The Horse’s plain black coffee is already stirrer-less.


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