Magazine of the Strange and Unknown Does the Impossible – It Returns from Hiatus!

Fate MagazineFATE will continue, a note declares on the website for this magazine of true reports of the strange and unknown.  But, it admits, “the print version of our July-August issue is delayed, but we anticipate that it will be published soon.”

There is no indication about the status of future issues and the only reason given for the suspended publication is: “We are currently reorganizing and re-evaluating how we can best serve our readers.”

Update: The website currently states:

“Happy Halloween!

FATE magazine is Going to Press!

We would like to thank you so much for your patience and loyalty while we reorganized and transformed FATE magazine.  We are excited and hopeful about the future of FATE.

The new FATE website is coming along wonderfully.  Look for seasonal themes, new feature articles and constantly changing content, user-friendly interactive capabilities, easy ways to share your personal experiences, blogs by well-known paranormal experts and more.

Subscribers: You will receive all of the issues of FATE magazine that you have paid for.  In addition, we will provide you with an extra, free issue to thank you for your patience during our transition.

We look forward to another 61 years of FATE – True Reports of the Strange and Unknown!”


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