How BusinessWeek will change under Bloomberg

BUSINESSWEEK will become BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK as the magazine changes hands from McGraw-Hill sometime in early December, but there will be other changes, as well.

Norman Pearlstine

Norman Pearlstine, Bloomberg chief content officer

Bloomberg LP executives have plans to make the publication physically bigger and glossier and editorially more international.  Bloomberg’s chief content officer Norman Pearlstine – soon to be chairman of BusinessWeek following the deal’s completion – said this week that he will increase the number of pages in the magazine, upgrade the paper stock, double the story count and expand its global coverage.  The plans are also to increase the price.

Bloomberg plans to keep most of its web content free while creating deep, vertical content areas that paying users could access for something like $100 a year.

The changes would move BusinessWeek in the direction of THE ECONOMIST, for which Pearlstine has expressed admiration and which is envied for its high subscription price, robust circulation growth and strong advertiser appeal.  It is also one of the few publications showing healthy growth even in this economy.

Pearlstine also said in a meeting that he expects to have a new Editor-in-Chief on board by the time the deal closes, which is expected to happen December 1.


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