Canadian Lush Magazine Uses Fashion Week for Relaunch

Lush magazine coverLUSH, the Canadian women’s fashion magazine, started in 2005 by Editor-in-Chief Mark Keast and a partner.  It went into hiatus in the winter of 2008, but is now returning.

It covers high fashion, beauty, lifestyle, arts and culture.  It aims to give haute couture a perfect-bound, high-gloss stage for the world’s top international fashion photographers.  “One of the special focuses is the relationship we have with the Fashion Design Council of Canada ,” Keast said.  “It gives Canadian designers a nice platform to display their work,” he says.  “It is a European style magazine done by Canadians for Canadians.”

No longer self-published, the quarterly is now under the umbrella of the Toronto-based Bassett Media Group.  The new company has brought back original art director Paul Sych, the rest of the editorial team is new.

Lush is distributed on newsstands across the country although 80% of the magazine’s circulation of 100,000 is distributed in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as an insert in the newspaper Globe and Mail.  “Our focus going forward is to grow the paid circulation model via newsstand and subscribers,” says Keast.

Check out the re-launched magazine here.


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