Finally! A Magazine Increases Its Publishing Schedule

WSJ., Wall Street Journal’s quarterly glossy magazine, will actually increase its publishing schedule in 2010 and will be published in March, May, June, September, October and December of next year.

In a time when many magazines are folding or moving toward an online presence only, WSJ.  Is boosting its publishing schedule, and in the process, hopes to boost its bottom-line.  Since its launch in September 2008, company officials said WSJ., a lifestyle magazine targeting affluent readers, has attracted 64 new advertisers to the Journal franchise, with 20 of those subsequently increasing their exposure with other Journal properties.

Also, circulation will rise from 800,000 to 1.5 million because the magazine will continue to be included in 800,000 copies of the Journal in its 17 largest markets, but will also be distributed to all subscribers in the US and made available in the Weekend Edition on newsstands across the country.

WSJ. content is available for free online at Tina Gaudoin is editor-in-chief.


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