Wooden Horse Friday Round-Up

HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS has a new editor-in-chief, Mark Hagland, mhagland@aol.com. He replaces Anthony Guerra…

TRADERS MAGAZINE has a new senior writer, John D’Antona, john.d’antona@sourcemedia.com, who covers institutional equities trading…

ART ON PAPER will close.  The “current financial environment” is responsible, according to co-publishers Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett.  The magazine targeted printed-matter fans, covering limited-editions, artists’ books, and other works on paper in a variety of mediums…

SEATTLE BRIDE has a new editor, Sally Farhat Kassab, sally.kassab@tigeroak.com

OREGON BRIDE has a new editor, Liz Hummer, liz.hummer@tigeroak.com

POCONO BUSINESS JOURNAL will cease operation with its February issue.  “Current economic climate” blamed…

SAN FRANCISCO BRIDES and FRONT DESK SAN FRANCISCO have a new editor-in-chief, Robin Wilkey, rwilkey@modernluxury.com

AV TECHNOLOGY has a new managing editor, Margot Douaihy, mdouaihy@nbmedia.com

AV TECHNOLOGY has a new editorial director, Kevin Hogan…

AV TECHNOLOGY has announced the exit of editor Mark Mayfield…

Newsweek tries to stem the red ink with smaller – but well heeled – demographics

NEWSWEEK expects to ‘operate less in the red’ in 2010 and hope for profitability in 2011, according to Thomas Ascheim, chief executive of Newsweek.

The magazine has switched from chasing high circulation to a focus on a smaller, but more lucrative, higher-income readership that appeals more to advertisers.  In addition, Newsweek lowered its rate base (the minimum circulation promised to advertisers.)  In 2008-2009, the rate base was dropped in increments from 3.1 million to 1.9 million and this month it was planned to be further lowered to 1.5 million.

The publisher, The Post Company, has reported that its magazine division (primarily comprised of Newsweek) suffered a $4.3 million loss in third-quarter 2009 operating costs following $25 million lost in the first half of the year.  “It’s been a disgusting economy, in case nobody else noticed,” Ascheim said.

Canada’s Number One Magazine Shakes Things Up

CHATELAINE, the flagship magazine of Canadian conglomerate Rogers Communications, has created a new editorial team.  Jane Francisco will replace Maryam Sanati as the editor-in-chief.  Sanati left the company last week.  Francisco will be the fifth editor to hold the position in the past five years.

Jane Francisco

An 18-year veteran of Canadian publishing, Francisco recently held the position of editor-in-chief for STYLE AT HOME magazine, published by Transcontinental.  She also served as executive editor for the St Joseph Lifestyles Group, as well as being the founding editor-in-chief for its now-defunct WISH magazines.

As part of the shift, Rogers expanded several other key roles.  CHATELAINE publisher Kerry Mitchell will offer more input at GLOW and TODAY’S PARENT.  Dianne de Fenoyl, managing editor at Maclean will become CHATELAINE’s editorial director.  Ken Whyte, publisher and editor-in-chief of Maclean’s as well as publisher of Canadian Business, Profit and Moneysense will also be joining the team.

Considered one of Canada’s top magazines, CHATELAINE has a paid circulation of 553,000 and a total revenue of $56.5-million in 2008, a year-over-year decline of 4.54%.

Conde Nast Publications to Launch Men’s Fashion Trade Mag

Publisher Conde Nast (VOGUE, ALLURE, SELF) is launching a new men’s fashion trade magazine.  Scheduled to be on newsstands this June, the new magazine is a likely replacement for the recently shuttered DNR (Daily News Record,) the men’s fashion trade magazine, and MEN’S VOGUE.  Circulation numbers for both former magazines fell last year, and Conde Nast cut titles and staff.

Ed Nardoza, Editor-in-Chief

March Berger, Publisher

The new magazine is the creation of Richard Beckman, head of Fairchild Fashion Group, the business-to-business and trade division of Conde Nast.

Marc Berger, formerly with Men’s Vogue, will be the publisher and Ed Nardoza, from WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY, has been tapped as editor.

East Coast Publisher Revives West Coast Regional Magazine

SAN JOSE magazine, folded in 2008, will be relaunched by publisher Zivyak Media Group (BERKSHIRE LIVING, HOME+GARDEN) in early 2010.

San Jose magazine is currently undergoing a redesign, led by award-winning graphic designer Pete Ivey and will be hiring several full- and part-time employees in the next few months, company officials said.

Zivyak Media Group CEO Michael Zivyak said he has no doubt San Jose magazine will regain the dominant market position in the city.

Zivyak Media Group purchased San Jose magazine assets from former publisher Gilbert Zangari and has a planned re-launch distribution of 30,000.

Wooden Horse Monday Round-Up

PEOPLE STYLE WATCH has appointed Kate Dimmock to the new position as fashion director…

AFAR magazine is without editor-in-chief Susan West…

TRIATHLETE and INSIDE TRIATHLON have a new editorial director, TJ Murphy, tjmurphy@competitorgroup.com

COOKING LIGHT is without managing editor Maelynn Cheung, whose position has been eliminated…

LOUISIANA CONSERVATIONIST is shutting down.  Publisher Louisiana Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries blames the economy…

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT NEWS will be folded into AR magazine on February 1…

ANCESTRY magazine will close with the March/April 2010 issue to focus online.  Subscribers will get refunds…

New Kindle 70% royalty “option” not for magazines, per AdAge.com…

THE BEAT magazine has ceased publication caused by “the decline in the music business, publishing business and the economy,” per a statement on the website by editor CC Smith, who continued: “Many people have suggested taking The Beat online to save it, but the advertising support is just not there, nor are other resources necessary to make it a successful transition.  And to tell the truth, my heart is just not in it.  The music, reggae in particular, has changed so much since the early days when it was new, fun, inspiring and creative, and there is so much less to say about it now.”…

31 RUE CAMBON a new print magazine from fashion house Chanel.  Will be available internationally in Chanel stores…

CFO magazine has been sold to Sequin Partners.  The new publisher plans to continue it without changes…

Brides Expands Content Down the Aisle and Beyond

BRIDES magazine is adding post-wedding content, beginning with their February issue, according to MediaWeek.

Three months ago, owner Condé Nast (VOGUE, GLAMOUR), shuttered two bridal publications (Elegant Bride and Modern Bride).  Now, they’re looking to regain and grow its advertisers – and readers – in new ways: by adding post-wedding content to lengthen the reader’s engagement with the magazine, and by doubling its publication frequency to monthly.

For example, the title will add more content on topics like proposals and ring selection.  It will also add a news section to cover products and trends, as well as more coverage of “real brides.”  Sex will become a regular topic along with a new home section and a feature called “Merge and Purge” will be aimed at those coveted post-honeymoon readers and non-endemic advertisers in beauty, finance, fashion and other categories.

A website overhaul is in store for Brides.com during this first quarter of 2010.  Also, it will no longer be an umbrella for three separate publications, which should be less confusing.  The editorial staff will remain separate, however.

Brides editor-in-chief is Millie Martini Bratten.  Carolyn Kremins, transferred from the now defunct Cookie magazine (Condé Nast), is publisher.

Oregon Hospitals Launch Magazine

HOSPITAL VOICE is a new publication from the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health systems (OAHHS).  The semi-annual magazine will focus on how Oregon hospitals deliver “high quality, patient-centered” medical care in their communities.

Editor Andy Van Pelt will review editorial submissions that are Oregon healthcare related or focus on one of the hospitals in the OAHHS.  Content for the August/September issue should be submitted by May 1, 2010.

Advertising and public relations inquires should be sent to Schadia Newcombe via (502) 546-9881 or snewcombe@commnewspapers.com

Academic Magazine Metamorphoses – Canadian Style

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS has been re-designed.  Canada’s favourite magazine for those working or studying at universities and colleges has dusted off its stodgy style for something edgier.

Published continually since 1959, the magazine has replaced its newspaper style for a magazine format.  The front-of-book has been expanded with more high-quality photos added throughout.  The Book Review section has been cut back and the news section, Nota Bene, expanded.

University Affairs will continue publishing three features per edition as well as the popular career advice section, commentary and guest columnists.  French translations are also being treated differently with only one full feature article being translated and the other two summarized.

The magazine is sent to 95 universities and colleges across Canada and will continue to publish 10 times a year.  The website will be updated regularly to include daily news, blogs and reader comments.  Editor is Peggy Berkowitz, editor@aucc.ca.

Business Publisher Forbes Bumped from Landlord to Tenant

Publisher Forbes (FORBES, FORBESWOMAN) has sold its flagship Manhattan headquarters at 60 Fifth Avenue to New York University.  Rumors place the sale at $55 million, considerably lower than the original asking price of $140 million when the 145,000-square-foot building was first placed on the market in 2007.

Forbes won’t be moving anytime soon though; the company will remain in the building, which they moved into in 1962, as a tenant with a five-year lease.  But, after seeing ad pages drop 30% in 2009, Forbes laid off approximately 100 employees and has been selling off assets – including its wine collection.