New Magazine Serves Growing Demographic: Caregivers

CAREGIVING IN AMERICA, a new magazine from Minnesota publisher Kay Sauck, and associated website expect to provide support and information for the more than 50 million caregivers across the US.  It launched last month.

The quality of life factors will be a major theme in the new magazine.  A group of health and aging experts will contribute regularly, plus information from two national organizations specializing in care giving, the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving and the Aging with Dignity organization, will also be presented.

Today, more family members and friends are called to assist the aging population, as well as those living with disabilities and with chronic illnesses.  Sauck and crew noted the Baby Boomers’ move toward assisted living and the Greatest Generation’s shuffle toward dependent lifestyles and came up with a magazine to fill an underserved niche.  Sauck commented, “Caring for loved ones and losing loved ones is the part of life that has no step-by-step manual.”

Caregiving In America joined WOMENINC magazine and a new 2010 publication, MN RIVERS magazine, as publications from Sauck Media Group.

For information about the new magazine and to subscribe, either call Sauck Media Group at 507-235-8737 or head to


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