Brides Expands Content Down the Aisle and Beyond

BRIDES magazine is adding post-wedding content, beginning with their February issue, according to MediaWeek.

Three months ago, owner Condé Nast (VOGUE, GLAMOUR), shuttered two bridal publications (Elegant Bride and Modern Bride).  Now, they’re looking to regain and grow its advertisers – and readers – in new ways: by adding post-wedding content to lengthen the reader’s engagement with the magazine, and by doubling its publication frequency to monthly.

For example, the title will add more content on topics like proposals and ring selection.  It will also add a news section to cover products and trends, as well as more coverage of “real brides.”  Sex will become a regular topic along with a new home section and a feature called “Merge and Purge” will be aimed at those coveted post-honeymoon readers and non-endemic advertisers in beauty, finance, fashion and other categories.

A website overhaul is in store for during this first quarter of 2010.  Also, it will no longer be an umbrella for three separate publications, which should be less confusing.  The editorial staff will remain separate, however.

Brides editor-in-chief is Millie Martini Bratten.  Carolyn Kremins, transferred from the now defunct Cookie magazine (Condé Nast), is publisher.


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