Wooden Horse Friday Round-Up

HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS has a new editor-in-chief, Mark Hagland, mhagland@aol.com. He replaces Anthony Guerra…

TRADERS MAGAZINE has a new senior writer, John D’Antona, john.d’antona@sourcemedia.com, who covers institutional equities trading…

ART ON PAPER will close.  The “current financial environment” is responsible, according to co-publishers Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett.  The magazine targeted printed-matter fans, covering limited-editions, artists’ books, and other works on paper in a variety of mediums…

SEATTLE BRIDE has a new editor, Sally Farhat Kassab, sally.kassab@tigeroak.com

OREGON BRIDE has a new editor, Liz Hummer, liz.hummer@tigeroak.com

POCONO BUSINESS JOURNAL will cease operation with its February issue.  “Current economic climate” blamed…

SAN FRANCISCO BRIDES and FRONT DESK SAN FRANCISCO have a new editor-in-chief, Robin Wilkey, rwilkey@modernluxury.com

AV TECHNOLOGY has a new managing editor, Margot Douaihy, mdouaihy@nbmedia.com

AV TECHNOLOGY has a new editorial director, Kevin Hogan…

AV TECHNOLOGY has announced the exit of editor Mark Mayfield…


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