New Celebrity Magazine Targets African-American Women

JUICY Magazine from Harris Publications will release its first edition in May.  Publisher Dennis Page calls Juicy “a hybrid” combining celebrity gossip with hair and fashion news.  The targeted audience is young African-American women.

The magazine will be published four times a year with plans to go monthly in 2011.  Initial circulation is 150,000 with a newsstand price of $4.99.

Harris Publications also publishes XXL, Antenna, and The Women of King magazines.

‘Explore the Unexpected’ New Travel Magazine Urges

EXHALE Magazine is a new travel magazine aimed at upscale GLBT readers, encouraging readers to “explore the unexpected.”  Positioned as a national coffee table book publication, March 2010 marks the debut issue, publishing six times a year.

EXHALE’s website says the magazine is designed to, “pique the imagination and inspire the senses with diverse travel-related editorial content that highlights the bounty and beauty of our planet.  We strive to inspire readers by providing elegant, positive and ethical editorial that encourages readers to explore the unexpected, contribute to the global community and commit to responsible stewardship of the earth.”

Indeed, EXHALE Magazine practices what it preaches by vowing to donate five full pages of advertising space in each issue to environmental and GLBT community charitable organizations.  In addition, a tree will be planted through American Forests/Global ReLeaf for every ad, single copy and subscription sale made throughout the year.

A sample issue on site includes gorgeous photography and features on New Zealand and Provincetown, MA.  Feature articles included mentions of places to visit, restaurants, accommodations, insider tips and web sites and sources for information about the destination.

EXHALE describes their upscale GLBT audience as educated, affluent and social men and women ages 25-65 from around the globe, who travel, dine out and pamper themselves on a regular basis.

Print and online readership is estimated to be 100,000 and subscription distribution is put at 15,000.  Digital versions will be archived online two months after publication.  Print editions will also be distributed by GLBT businesses and upscale establishments.

Publisher and editor-in-chief is Stone Siegel.

How Does Your Canadian Garden Grow?

GARDEN MAKING, set to launch March 2010, is Canada’s latest gardening magazine.  Founded by former CANADIAN GARDENING editor Beckie Fox, the magazine will provide both new and avid Canadian gardeners with articles on garden design, plants, techniques, tips, problem solving and landscape renovations.

The 70-page, full colour magazine, published by Inspiring Media Inc, will also include regular features on ideas for container gardening, the best plants for particular gardens, garden coaches, successful designs, resources for gardeners and gardening events across the country.  Fox also said there will be features on sustainable gardening and growing your own food.

The quarterly magazine started off with a direct mail campaign that founder Fox believes will drive the circulation up to 14,000 for the launch issue.  Contact her at for more details.

Poker Pro Hopes Canada Will Make Full House

POKER PRO CANADA has been launched and will hit the newsstands in March 2010.  This Canadian version of the popular American POKER PRO magazine features in-depth profiles of the most successful Canadian players, articles on poker’s fun elements, popular poker destinations, strategic and tactical tips, winning secrets along with schedules and coverage of championship tournaments.  Other ongoing features include profiles of the top Internet poker sites and live players with their moneymaking tips.

Targeting aspiring pro and recreational players, Poker Pro Canada will be available in all the regular retailers and outlets as well as in all poker rooms and at all of Canada’s biggest poker events.

The Poker Pro Media family, established in 2004, has seven other successful titles worldwide, including Poker Pro Europe and Online Poker Pro.  Contact Editor John “JohnnyQuads” Wenzel,, for more information.

Redesigned Canadian Auto Magazine Goes National

THE DRIVER MAGAZINE has hit Canadian newsstands with a new look.  The once-regional magazine has been rebranded as a national publication with a new editorial line-up, graphics, design and staff.

Restructured as a bimonthly, the magazine will carry features on technology, saving fuel tips, insurance savings and deals, critiques of the latest models, driving tips and trends, car care, new products, upcoming trade shows and race news.

The editorial has been designed to appeal to three distinct demographic groups: young and new drivers aged 16 to 21; trendsetters, entrepreneurs and young professionals aged 22 to 34; and experienced drivers at the peak of their earning power aged 35 to 55.

Issues have been bumped from 40 to 64 glossy pages and after dropping several Ontario-based local advertisers, the magazine is working on attracting national auto industry ads, according to marketing director David Miller.  The goal is to establish a 30 to 70% split between ads and editorial content.

Its previous circulation as a quarterly magazine was 13,000.  Contact Publisher Sam Adewale,, for further details.

St Louis Newspaper Gets Its Voice Back As a Magazine

VITAL VOICE, covering St Louis’ GLBT market, is back as a monthly glossy magazine.  In October 2009, former owner Pam Schneider shut down the newspaper.  It was then sold to Darin Slyman, who brought it back as a monthly magazine in January.

Slyman brings a new editorial approach to the magazine.  Hard news is relegated to daily coverage on the website, leaving entertainment and lifestyle, features and commentary, dining, nightlife, home and hearth to the print magazine.  Features will be pulled from national, regional and local interests, such as a recent exclusive interview with Lady Gaga, who was in the city for a performance.

This summer, Publisher Slyman is planning a complete redesign of the web site, including adding video reporting.  He can be reached at

Book Review Magazine Saved by Owner of Basketball Team

KIRKUS REVIEWS has been saved from closure by Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon.  The real estate mogul purchased the literary review magazine after learning the Nielsen Company would shutter the publication in December of last year.

Simon, who has been described as “an inveterate and unquenchable and voracious reader”, also owns a chain of independent bookstores in California, and recently saved the 80-year old Tecolote Book Shop in Santa Barbara from closing.  The magazine, the bookstores and Simon’s other media holdings will become Kirkus Media.  Marc Winkelman, Simon’s business partner, has been named CEO.

Kirkus is a bi-weekly publication that reviews over 5,000 new books each year.  Established in 1933, it is one of the oldest literary review magazines in the nation.  There are no immediate plans to change the title, other than to enhance its web presence.  Editor Elaine Szewczyk and Managing Editor Eric Liebetrau will remain in charge editorially.  For more information, contact editor Szewczyk at

Will Unique Format Spell Success for New Fashion Magazine?

QLIX magazine, a new publication from TenStyle Media, launched this month to flattering reviews.

It is a fashion magazine that will cover the usual fashion trends, but will also focus editorial content on fashion designers, fashion concepts, illustrators, commentators and fashion writers.

Its unique slant is in its format: The cover is actually a 6 x 9 envelope.  Inside the envelope/cover will be collectible cards (four per issue) that will feature interviews, profiles, and fashion concepts; a fashion poster (a large pull out section) with fashion photos and visual murals that will be interspersed with editorial features.  Editor Tenisha Anderson wants to produce a magazine that proves “print is not dead, it’s just evolving.”

The semi-annual magazine is aimed at 18-27 year olds.  Initial circulation is small – only 1,000 copies – but the magazine will be featured at fashion events, bookstores, college bookstores and galleries.  Editor and Publisher Tenisha Anderson can be contacted at

New Magazine from Lance Armstrong Focuses on Cancer Support

LIVESTRONG QUARTERLY is collaborative effort of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization, and Spot On Media.  The quarterly magazine will be available online, in print and as a print-on-demand publication.

It will focus on cancer survivors and their supporters with features on survivors, inspirational post-cancer lifestyles, cancer prevention, treatment, and general health and wellness information.  Curtis Pesmen, editor and cancer survivor, will bring a personal touch to the magazine, while sponsors Genenentech BioOncology and the Mayo Clinic will center on the scientific aspects.

The first edition is being distributed free to registered online users of, which boasts a database of over one million members and website views at 530,000 visitors per month.  The first issue is currently available online.  Future newsstand editions will have a cover price of $9.95 per issue.  For further information, contact publisher Thomas Huber at

I.D.E.A.L. Magazine Relaunches

I.D.E.A.L. magazine, a quarterly magazine about and for the East coast disabled community, relaunched with the January 15 issue.  The League for People with Disabilities will serve as official printer and mail house for the magazine.

I.D.E.A.L. is an acronym for Individuals with Disabilities Express About Life.  Owner and CEO Zarifa Roberson said she hopes I.D.E.A.L magazine will become the “voice” of the disability community, “educating and bringing cultural awareness about our community to people at all levels of ability.”

Roberson also said one of the magazine’s goals is to debunk myths and commonly held misconceptions about people with disabilities.  The magazine covers such topics as education, goals, careers and employment, sexuality, relationships, beauty and fashion tips and an advice column.  Feature articles about people with disabilities are also included.

I.D.E.A.L. is distributed in Delaware, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.