Magazine Industry Really Missed This One

Books did it.

Newspapers did it.

Magazines didn’t.

And publishers pay how many hundreds of thousands of dollars to Magazine Publishers of America to show that magazines are still very much a part of today’s advertising media mix?

Harry McCracken, former editor-in-chief of PC WORLD and blogger at, stated it best in an article on

“As I sat in the audience at the event, I slowly figured out that it wouldn’t provide a ready-made happy ending for magazine publishers.  Apple did reveal that the gizmo includes an e-book reader, iBooks – but as the name suggests, that software is meant for books, not periodicals.  It also let the New York Times show off a handsome app for reading that paper.  But the only magazine that came up during the event was TIME* – and that was when Jobs showed how good its Web site looked in the iPad’s Safari browser.  It mostly served as a reminder that it’s not entirely clear why many consumers would choose to pay for digital magazines when the same content is available on the Web for free.”

It sounds like the mega-hyped introduction of Apple’s iPad tablet was something of a lost opportunity for magazines.  Shouldn’t the industry do better if it wants to survive?

Sara Ohrvall, senior vice president of research and development for Swedish media company Bonnier, summed up the problem in the Wall Street Journal: “Either we have to package our products much differently, or we just lost the paid content game.”

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