Travel Magazine Expands Content, Increases Frequency

PASSPORT is one of the few print magazines which have increased its print frequency.  The magazine will grow from 8 issues per year to 9 and will still publish its annual “Weddings and Honeymoon” issue in May.

Publisher Dan Turthill attributes the increase to more efficient marketing, resulting in increased advertising revenue and magazine sales.  Ad revenue grew by a whopping 32% last year and single copy sales increased by 17%.

Marketing strategies include discontinuing insert cards and gaining subscribers only by phone and online.  Turthill says, “It’s been extremely efficient that way.”  He also credits in-store marketing campaigns at book stores and prospecting at various travel and gay pride events, in addition to its own annual show in New York City.  These contributed to a 4% increase in response.  The website includes the popular Passport TV online, which now will increase the output to two videos per month, some of which will include video tours given by celebrities.

The print magazine currently has 72,000 subscribers and focuses on travel for the gay community, yet bills itself as “hetero-friendly gay travel magazine,” acknowledging that nearly 3% of its subscribers are heterosexual.  The editor is Robert Adams,


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