New Magazine Finds Gold in Them Thar Professional Athletes

ATHLETES QUARTERLY has distributed its first issue to 20,000 current and former American pro athletes making at least $300,000 and averaging $2 million a year.

The new magazine says it is, “devoted to helping pro athletes achieve their very best at what they do, what they buy and how they will create the second act to their playing careers.”  According to, AQ address issues relevant to the specific professional athlete culture, such as buying multi-million dollar homes, choosing a bodyguard, building a financial team and more.  AQ’s media kit describes that athletes need the “very best of fashion, automotive, watches, jewelry, real estate, home electronics, liquors and venues, financial advice and travel.”  The magazine also include features by and about professional athletes.

Distribution is strictly controlled through exclusive subscriptions to current and former professional athletes making at least $300,000 (63% of distribution), and placement at sports agencies and marketing firms who negotiate multi-million dollar deals, professional team offices, exclusive charity events and private jet in-flight placement.

An anonymous private investor hired Michael Dolan, a former editor at Condé Nast, DETAILS and MAXIM, to run AQ.


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