Book Review Magazine Saved by Owner of Basketball Team

KIRKUS REVIEWS has been saved from closure by Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon.  The real estate mogul purchased the literary review magazine after learning the Nielsen Company would shutter the publication in December of last year.

Simon, who has been described as “an inveterate and unquenchable and voracious reader”, also owns a chain of independent bookstores in California, and recently saved the 80-year old Tecolote Book Shop in Santa Barbara from closing.  The magazine, the bookstores and Simon’s other media holdings will become Kirkus Media.  Marc Winkelman, Simon’s business partner, has been named CEO.

Kirkus is a bi-weekly publication that reviews over 5,000 new books each year.  Established in 1933, it is one of the oldest literary review magazines in the nation.  There are no immediate plans to change the title, other than to enhance its web presence.  Editor Elaine Szewczyk and Managing Editor Eric Liebetrau will remain in charge editorially.  For more information, contact editor Szewczyk at


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