Redesigned Canadian Auto Magazine Goes National

THE DRIVER MAGAZINE has hit Canadian newsstands with a new look.  The once-regional magazine has been rebranded as a national publication with a new editorial line-up, graphics, design and staff.

Restructured as a bimonthly, the magazine will carry features on technology, saving fuel tips, insurance savings and deals, critiques of the latest models, driving tips and trends, car care, new products, upcoming trade shows and race news.

The editorial has been designed to appeal to three distinct demographic groups: young and new drivers aged 16 to 21; trendsetters, entrepreneurs and young professionals aged 22 to 34; and experienced drivers at the peak of their earning power aged 35 to 55.

Issues have been bumped from 40 to 64 glossy pages and after dropping several Ontario-based local advertisers, the magazine is working on attracting national auto industry ads, according to marketing director David Miller.  The goal is to establish a 30 to 70% split between ads and editorial content.

Its previous circulation as a quarterly magazine was 13,000.  Contact Publisher Sam Adewale,, for further details.


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