New Technology Forces New Name for 90-Year Old Magazine

THE BEAVER, Canada’s second oldest magazine, is getting a name change so it can distance itself from unintended sexual connotations – and attract younger subscribers.  Beginning with its April issue, the 90-year old magazine will be renamed CANADA’S HISTORY.

Content will also change to include shorter, newsier pieces at the front of the magazine as well as more reviews and ratings on history-related books, websites, and travel destinations.  The new look also involves a comprehensive web strategy that includes online interactive features, media tools, video blog entries and audio podcasts with prominent historians and authors.

Its current name causes spam filters to block the magazine’s emails and newsletters while porn sites bearing the same name caused confusion about the magazine’s content.  Editor-in-chief Mark Reid, said market research showed that younger Canadians and women were unlikely to subscribe to a magazine called The Beaver.

The Beaver was started in 1920 as a publication of the Hudson’s Bay Company, a fur trading company that evolved into one of Canada’s largest department store chains.  It is published six times a year by Canada’s National History Society and has print subscriptions between 45,000 and 50,000.  Contact Mark Reid,, for more information.


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