Another New Bridal Magazine Walked Down the Aisle to Newsstands Everywhere

SHAPEBRIDE’s premiere issue was available February 14 at newsstands nationwide.  A spinoff of SHAPE from American Media Inc (FIT PREGNANCY, MEN’S FITNESS, NATURAL HEALTH), the first issue is being launched as an annual publication.  According to a blog written by one of Shape’s editor’s, the magazine will be accompanied by an interactive website, an iPhone companion application, sweepstakes, prizes and more.

Like its mother magazine, SHAPEbride will focus on fitness, style, beauty, health and travel tips and yes, bridal fashions.

“Other bridal books focus on the wedding-occasion rather than on the bride herself and her personal process,” said vice president and publisher Sabine Feldmann.  “She may look to other titles to find her dream dress, but she’ll look to SHAPEbride to look like a dream in the dress.”

A spokeswoman said 325,000 copies will be available on newsstands for 90 days.  Editor-in-chief is Valerie Latona,; assistant managing editor is Maggie VanBuskirk,


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