A Multi-platform Future Planned for 124-Year Old Sports Magazine

SPORTING NEWS has been exploring ways to retain subscribers and has now announced Jeff Price as its new publisher to aid in that effort.  He has a long history with several sports publications, including SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Price says he’ll leave most of the content and features, but will focus the magazine toward a “multiplatform” style, seeking to reach e-reader, iPad, social media and mobile users.  Sporting News will carry the same content information over each platform with only slight differences to fit the specific media channel.

Price also plans to charge $2.99 for a subscription available over these devices.  Much of this content was previously free, but Price expects 20 – 30% of those readers will subscribe and feels those numbers will increase.

The 124-year-old magazine is owned by American City Business Journals (HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS, NASCAR ILLUSTRATED,) is published bi-weekly, has a circ of 630,000 and attracts nearly 4.5 million readers to its website annually.  Jeff D’Alessio, jdalessio@sportingnews.com, is editor.


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