Jamie and Bobby Cookin’ Light for Fun and Family – and NOT Just for Men

DEEN BROS GOOD COOKING Magazine will feed into the trend to entertain at home and cutting costs in the current fragile economy.  It premiered in March with a 350,000 run.

Publisher Phyllis Hoffman DePiano in a phone interview quickly disavowed that this newsstand magazine was for men only.

“Light, laid back, easy cooking, fun dishes, and a fun way for presenting food, – NOT just for men.  I don’t know how that idea got started,” DePiano said.  She added that the magazine demographics were toward “young people” and families with a demographic sweet spot at the age 30-40 and middle income crowd.

DEEN BROS GOOD COOKING’S editorial focus will emphasize healthy foods, outdoor grilling, entertaining in terms of trendy fun and inexpensive, and casual living.  DePiano added that the magazine is all about colors and textures with future stories about great informal/casual places to eat.

This new publication from Hoffman Media (SANDRA LEE SEMI-HOMEMADE, SOUTHERN LADY) joins a stable of Food Network greats including the Deen Brothers own mama, Paula Deen and her magazine COOKING WITH PAULA DEEN.  The “boys,” – Jamie and Bobby – serve as Editors-in-Chief and are joined by Editor Cindy Cooper and Managing Editor Elizabeth Taliaferro.


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