Bloomberg BusinessWeek to Reinvent Business Magazine Genre

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK has launched a teaser campaign to prep audiences for the April 23 launch of a newly designed magazine.

Publisher Bloomberg is boasting that the radical new look for the 80-year old publication will “reinvent” the business category and take on rivals by breaking away from the pack.

Changes include 20% more editorial pages with twice as many articles that are shorter than in the current edition.  There will be a more global focus and more lifestyle features including leisure and arts coverage done from a business perspective.  In a deliberate attempt to set it apart from rivals FORTUNE and FORBES, BusinessWeek also plans to have more articles with a storytelling slant.  There will be more photos of people on both the cover and inside.

The Bloomberg logo has been made more prominent on the front cover and skyboxes are being used to promote inside content.  BusinessWeek is also being printed on heavier stock and production has been bumped up to 50 issues per year-unlike other business magazines who have reduced publications.

Bloomberg LP bought BusinessWeek from McGraw-Hill in December 2009 for an estimated $50 million.  The magazine has a paid circulation of 900,000.


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