Christian Lifestyle Magazine Relaunches, Expands Coverage

HOPE FOR WOMEN, a quarterly Christian lifestyle magazine celebrating the diversity of women of faith regardless of differing cultures, ages, or women’s roles, relaunched its print and website in March.

CEO and Publisher Angelia White said, “The newly designed print magazine gives our readers the high-quality full-color glossy print .  With a fresh editorial focus and design.”

Hope’s expanded content now includes beauty, entertainment, career and money, relationships, health/wellness and faith/inspiration.  The spring issue features actress Tasha Smith, Grammy Award-winning Christian pop rock singer and author Rebecca St James, Auntie Anne’s founder Anne Beiler, and Abby Rike from The Biggest Loser.  The magazine also has three sections – Woman of Hope, The Delicate Balance, and Touchstones of Healing.

Similar topics will also be covered on the website, including a blog written by several magazine contributors.  Hope will also expand to Facebook and Twitter in efforts to build a social media tool and expand readership and advertiser interest.

Debuted in 2005, the magazine has grown to more than 50,000 readers each month.


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