Miller-McCune Website Reports Record Traffic Levels; Is Still Re-designed

MILLER-MCCUNE, the non-profit magazine, has unveiled a newly designed website.  Created by ELC Technologies, the look features a user-friendly vertical style for easier navigation.

Several new channels, including Science, Environment, Education, Politics, Health and Culture were added along with the sections Most Viewed and Findings.  Readers now have quicker access to print archives while headline articles are more visible.

Videos have been added and the Miller-McCune’s blogs have also been moved to the forefront.

“Miller-McCune’s breadth of coverage – from education and environment to legal affairs and economics – provides readers many points of entry into the publication,” said Online Editor Michael Todd in a press release.

Since its 2008 launch, Miller-McCune has won several awards including the Utne Independent Press Award 2009 for science/technology coverage, and the 2008-09 Society of Environmental Journalists Award for Outstanding Explanatory Journalism.  It’s also named as one of Library Journal’s 10 Best Magazines.

In February 2010, the site reported record traffic levels, with 234,000 unique visitors, a 540% increase from last year.


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