Eco-friendly magazine spruces up and repositions with May/June debut

NATURAL HOME magazine, one of several Ogden Publications (MOTHER EARTH NEWS, THE HERB COMPANION) catering to a green audience, is getting a major redesign.  It is about time, according to Editor-in-Chief Robyn Griggs Lawrence. The last redesign was in 2004.

“It is a cosmetic makeover in that we completely redesigned [it with] new fonts, color palette, format with larger photos, but we are also tweaking the focus,” she said.

Content will switch to lifestyle aspects such as cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, and away from new construction and bricks and mortar features.

Lawrence adds, “This information will still be in the magazine, but we will expand our horizons to include more information on health, wellness, pets and other home-related issues.”

Only one house will be featured each month, leaving room for smaller newsworthy items including green travel pieces. Page count bumps up from 80 to 100 and the cover price increases from $4.99 to $5.99 with the debut of the magazine’s May-June redesign.

“We are targeting the same audience (green consumers), but we’re expanding to include readers who are interested in lifestyle rather than shelter — how to ‘live’ green rather than how to ‘build” green,'” Lawrence said.

Readers are typically women in their mid-40s who are immersed in environment friendly issues.  With the redesign changes, Lawrence says they will attract “lighter green readers who may be newer to green living.”

Since 1999, Natural Home Magazine has covered sustainable lifestyles and rural living.


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