Changes at W magazine shake up fashion print industry

W Magazine is the latest fashion print publication to see a change in editorial staff and content direction.  And what a directional shift this is.  In a stunning announcement, new Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi shook up the fashion world by naming New York Magazine photo director Jody Quon as W’s new creative director.

In a WWDMedia interview, Tonchi said his pick of Quon, “‘confirms, a little bit, the direction’ in which he plans to take W, which means ‘moving to a more lifestyle approach to fashion – a lifestyle magazine, and not just a women’s fashion magazine.'”

A month ago when Tonchi was leaving T: The New York Times Fashion Magazine for Conde Nast, he said, “…probably just make it more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication.”  In the more recent interview, he added that T Magazine is a blueprint for what he has in mind for W.

According to Tonchi, “September will be the first issue where some of the new content and point of view will start to show, but we count on delivering something more every month.”

Condé Nast also recently announced that it will be moving W from the trade-oriented Fairchild group to the consumer Condé Nast group.


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