TOWN & COUNTRY to evolve into “a different magazine”

TOWN & COUNTRY Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Stephen Drucker vows “a year from now, it will be a very different magazine,” according to WWD.

With that in mind he lured former VOGUE contributing editor and columnist William Norwich to T&C.  Norwich will cover social and cultural trends as well as upper class socialites and their parties.  In the WWD interview, Drucker said, “He won’t just be a columnist or contributor.  He’ll help me construct a new, more exciting Town & Country.”

The Hearst publication will continue to focus on America’s upper class.  Drucker told WWD that T&C reportage will be more in the style of the late Charlotte Curtis, New York Times columnist and former editor of the family/style section.  Curtis was known for treating whatever she wrote as hard news, often delivered with rapier wit and backed by meticulous research.

Drucker added, “You will start to see small changes, but it won’t be an overnight change.”  Check out the magazine’s website here.


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