Last week was a-buzz with numbers

Masthead Online, a Canadian blog, published its yearly magazine tally and magazine starts are down considerably from previous years, as was expected.  The 2008 Tally “noted 74 launches, in 2009 there is a total of 17.  This also marks the first time in the past 10 years of the Tally with more magazine stops than starts.  The number of magazine closures stayed close to the 2008 totals, with 37 books closing.  Of those, at least seven continue to publish online.”  The blog names names here.

E-readers and tablets are wildly popular but consumers find that magazines are too expensive, according to a new study by Boston Consulting Group and published by Readers are willing to pay between $2 and $4 for a magazine, but many publishers are currently charging $4.99 per issue.  Read more here.

Speaking about magazine research, a poll by the Chief Marketing Officer Council finds that people, who read magazines, like them.  Duh.  Of adults, who subscribe to at least one magazine, the poll found that 90% said print is the format they prefer, although they’re not afraid of the Internet.  48% “go online to find more information about the advertisements in…printed magazines.”  Read more at

Readers sure miss their DOMINO!  A poll by asked: “Which Magazine Do You Miss the Most?”  And 33% answered with the title of the defunct shelter title.  Almost as many (29%) missed satire magazine SPY.  GOURMET, LIFE and METROPOLITAN HOME rounded out the top five, but with quite a bit less votes (11%, 9% and 7% respectively.)  Minonline has more here.

Video production by magazines in the first quarter of 2010 is up 90% compared to the same period in 2009, technology provider Brightcove found.  For more, click here.

Hispanic magazine ad spending is up 8% through April this year: VANIDADES is up a whopping 57%; SIEMPRE MUJER up an amazing 29%; LATINA up 17%; PEOPLE EN ESPANOL up 15%.  All per the Media Economics Group blog here.

“Retail magazine sales continued to be soft through the first quarter of 2010, although the declines were not as steep, percentage-wise, as they were for last year, when units fell by double digit rates,” reports The New Single Copy, a newsletter about magazine distribution.  “Of course, the January through March dollar falloff of nearly five percent and the 6.7% drop in units are being measured against the same period in 2009, when the magazine distribution channel nearly imploded and deliveries were disrupted to many major retail chains for months.”


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