JET files new flight plan with an independent website targeting 21-34 age readers

JET Magazine continues to fly high with its new rebranding blitz.  First Johnson Publishing (EBONY) gave the weekly print magazine a makeover.  Now, they announced the launch of Jet’s own website, The new branding targets a 21-34 age audience. offers a set of branded channels, such as Jet Home, Jet Buzz, Jet Beauty, Jet Love, Jet Style and Jet Music.  The channels are a unique blend of original Jet content and a cache of web material with an interactive twist.  In Jet Beauty, readers can upload personal photos to “express their idea of beauty.”

In an interview with The Grio, Jet’s editor-in-chief, Mira Lowe said, “Through our rebranding, we’ve tried to focus on some of the modern-day issues that folks are engaged in and want to know more about.”

Mediabistro reports that MyJet247 has hired freelance writers and “rounded up celebrity bloggers Monica Barnett, Kelley Carter and Celena Gill, as well as entertainment reporter Miki Turner.”

JET subscription figures have dropped during a couple of rough years (36% just from last year) and a change of administration; although figures do not reflect the number who read the magazine in beauty shops and doctors’ offices.  Jet subscriptions are deeply discounted to plump up numbers and help attract first time readers.


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