New magazine aims to be “positive, uplifting, inspiring”

POSITIVE IMPACT magazine pins its success to a vision to transform readers in a “positive, uplifting, inspiring, moving and enriching to the mind and spirit,” as reported on the companion website.

“We strive to have a transformative effect on the reader with the transformation being positive, uplifting, inspiring, moving and enriching to the mind and spirit,” says the magazine’s vision statement.  “You will find stories that cross gender, geographies, cultures, and generations – stories about artists, athletes, authors, celebrities, children, teens, musicians, and heroes; information about micro community efforts and international initiatives; and reviews of books, music, events, sports, charities, businesses and more.”

The quarterly magazine premiered in January to an audience of “Cultural Creatives” or LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).  The media kit describes the Cultural Creative audience as, “educated, leading-edge thinkers including writers, artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, spiritualists, alternative health care providers and many others who prize authenticity, idealism, activism, altruism, and globalism.”

Content includes specific departments labeled Animals, Athletes, Authors and Books, Environment, Film, Relationships, Inspire, Mind, Music and Musicians, Art Speaks, Corporations, Wealth, Health, Parenting, Products, Celebrities, Unsung Heroes, Young Pioneers and Education.

Charity Beck,, is publisher and editor-in-chief.


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