Wooden Horse Friday Round-Up

By Lindsay Shaver

TIME has a new executive editor and Time.com a new managing editor, Jim Frederick in a dual role.  A long-time Time staffer, Frederick has returned after a two-year hiatus to work on website-related projects.  Frederick stated that while the site’s content is good, a comprehensive redesign is being discussed with an eye on making it more navigable with more social-media and reader interaction.  The last redesign was in 2008…

@GAMER is “the official games magazine of Best Buy,” published by Best Buy in partnership with Future US, is a new magazine covering video games, reports several gaming industry blogs.  It is set to launch in June.  William O’Neal (woneal@futureus.com) serves as editor-in-chief and Andy Eddy as executive editor…

IMPACT Magazine, a new Houston business magazine, is scheduled to launch this August 2010, per cision.com. Published by Minuteman Press, IMPACT will, “provide information to help companies grow their bottom line.”  Coverage will include business accomplishments, money, careers, health, fitness and lifestyle in the Houston area…


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