Spokane wine blogger pours content into print magazine

SPOKANE WINE Magazine is a new annual wine magazine from the creators of DrinkNector.com, a blog about Spokane wines.  Set to debut November 1, the magazine tells the story of each of Spokane’s 17 wineries with interviews and high quality photography.

The initial 10,000 copies of Spokane Wine will be distributed at each of the 17 wineries, local restaurants, wine bars, hotels, and more.

“Wine lovers are passionate about wine and love learning about winery history and the newest vintage,” said founder Josh Wade.  “This magazine will help bring cohesive awareness to the entire wine scene in Spokane.  Spokane Wine Magazine seeks to be a resource to share the amazing quality of the growing wine region that Spokane is becoming.”

Wade added that the magazine has an expected 9-12 month shelf life and is written in such a way to not be date sensitive, but to be held as a resource and reference for wine lovers in the Inland Northwest.  All copy for the premiere issue was written by Wade.

Accompanying the magazine launch is a website, www.SpokaneWineMagazine.com, featuring regular updates on Spokane wineries, events, tasting room activities and wine releases.

“When it comes to wine, Spokane has quietly grown into a community of boutique wineries and medium production reputable companies.  I love this town.  I think that it’s about time Spokane Washington becomes a destination for wine,” Wade said.

Wade’s DrinkNectar.com blog was mentioned by WINE ENTHUSIAST MAGAZINE as one of the top three wine blogs (measured by frequency in audience interaction over the last three months).


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