New magazine offers windows into life in Northern California

CALIFORNIA NORTHERN MAGAZINE is a new biannual publication exploring the region’s cultures, environments, histories, and identities.  It provides a California-based forum for essays, long-form journalism, literature, and photography.  The first issue was summer 2010.

“This publication is not an attempt to create an identity where there isn’t one.  Our goal is to illuminate what this place is about, not to mold Northern California into what we’d like it to be,” said Editor-in-Chief Casey Mills in the summer issue Editor’s Note.  “Now on to the more difficult task of claiming what this magazine is: It’s a place that offers windows into various aspects of life here in Northern California.  A place where people can write about what they know.  A place to explore our collective and regional identities, to think about who we are and what we share.  And it’s a forum for sparking dialogue, a home for strong opinions, in-depth reportage, basic storytelling, and for everything in between.”

Articles from the inaugural issue include a piece on former governor Jerry Brown, a look at how a local town meets California’s clean energy problem and a photo essay about the eucalyptus of Northern California, among other articles.

Advertising will be included starting with Issue 2.  Also beginning with Issue 2, California Northern will run a regular section titled “Notes from the Field,” featuring readers writing about their corner of the region.  According to the website, CNM will “accept stories about a place, reasons you appreciate or despise a place, the history of a place, etc.”

“Nonfiction submissions must be grounded in Northern California (e.g. a piece could address an issue that significantly affects Northern California, an event that occurred here, or a local resident).  Essays, first-person narratives, and reportage are all welcome,” the website indicates.  Fiction stories penned by residents of Northern California should be submitted in its entirety.

One contributing photographer is selected for each issue and provides one photo essay and a series of additional photos, which will appear throughout the magazine.  Details are under the Submissions tab on the CNM website.

Publisher and editor-in-chief is Casey Mills.  Executive editors are Richard Mills and Paul Barrett.  Paul Barrett is also the art director.


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