St. Louis, feast your eyes on a new monthly magazine!

FEAST is a new, monthly free magazine launched this week covering cooking and lifestyle in the St. Louis region.  Catherine Neville, who co-founded SAUCE magazine, is the publisher for Lee Enterprises, parent company of the St. Louis Dispatch newspaper.

It features articles about the local restaurant scene, as well as cooking, culinary appliances and kitchen design and lifestyle features with ideas readers can use in their own homes.

“We are really doing home cooking and elements of kitchen design,” Neville said in an interview with STLToday.  “We’ll still have local chefs for stories.  After all, they are the beating heart of the industry, but we want them to not just provide a fabulous dinner on a Saturday night, but to inspire cooking it at home.”

Neville said the website,, will be updated daily with recipes and blogs, and will have how-to videos and behind-the-scenes interviews.

“We’ll have a lot of photo essays.  Food, the great leveler, is so visual.
We’ll feature four restaurants in every issue, but they may tell about really interesting ideas or people behind the scenes,” Neville told STLToday.

Feast will have an initial distribution of 70,000 and be available for free at 500 restaurants, grocery stores and other food-related venues (like kitchen stores) throughout the St. Louis region.

Brandi Willis is managing editor.  Contact her at


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