Basketball superstar LeBron James headlines new sports celebrity magazine

SKYBOXX is a new monthly sports and lifestyle publication from Miami-based HIP HOP WEEKLY.  The debut issue includes over 250 photographs of LeBron James, along with an in-depth history of the superstar.

“Skyboxx will cover sports, but not so much from the sports perspective, more from the lifestyle angle,” said Chief Brand Officer Raymond “Benzino” Scott.  “Athletes have become some of the most recognized and beloved celebrities of our times.  There are a lot of things going on in and around their lives that people are interested in, so we will cover that on a monthly basis.”

Hip Hop Weekly publisher David Mays told Ad Age, “You’re going to get good sports journalism but you’re going to get it meshed with a celebrity weekly format that will attract a broader audience,” he said.  “When I say format I mean the look and feel of those magazines – shorter stories, bigger pictures, more provocative headlines and lots of style and lifestyle photos.  There’s a great interest in celebrity news.  So our idea is basically to take that format and apply it to athletes.”

The debut issue was distributed through 30,000 retail locations in early August.


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