Special magazine for special parents

PARENTING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS is a new regional magazine launched in July. It is filled with communication, general knowledge, understanding, information, encouragement, support and guides to services for parents of special needs children.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the first issue of 20,000 was mostly distributed through schools, hospitals and businesses. It will be published bi-monthly.

In the inaugural issue’s letter to the editor, Editor Edward Egan explains that the mission of Parenting Children with Special Needs is to facilitate the distribution of materials relevant to parents of special needs children by offering support, information, understanding, encouragement and guidance.

“The content found within Parenting Children with Special Needs is unlike any other offered throughout the area and includes articles on a ‘Feature Super Parent’ advice or wisdom from experienced health care professionals, parent-to-parent articles, along with general knowledge and understanding of life with our ‘special little ones’ in each issue,” Egan wrote.

He added that their aim is to address the facts, share the struggles and serve as advocates for the parents.  “[Our aim is] to serve as advocates for parents of children with special needs and provide a means of attaining the compassion, support and sense of community that persons dealing with the care of an otherwise enabled child so often feel they lack. Too frequently these extra measures of care, regardless of the child’s affliction, leave the parent(s) feeling isolated, despondent and alone as they watch their peers’ families develop with what may seem the utmost of ease,” Egan said.

The publisher is Stephanie Myers (Stephanie@pcwsn.com).  The editors are Edward Egan (editors@pcwsn.com) and Kara Cowie (kara@pcwsn.com).


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