First nation to show its diversity to Canada and the world

FACE, a Canadian magazine produced by Si’em Media Society in Duncan, BC, launched last week.  The name reflects the issues the editorial is taking on: Food sovereignty, arts, culture and education.  Each of those themes appears in the premier issue of FACE along with other articles about land management, self-governance and advice from elders.

The quarterly magazine plans to showcase fiction by aboriginal writers and artists, both emerging and established.

“As FACE spreads across the continent and world, we will feature the diversity of Aboriginal people.  Our languages are so different.  Our cultures are so different.  Our spirituality is so different.  Yet many people lump Aboriginal people into one, believing we are all the same.  Let’s show the world our diversity.  Let’s share our wisdom, our cultural sophistication, our creativity and our resiliency,” said publisher Randy Fred.

Contact Senior Editor Sarah Maitland,, for further details.