Venerable movie trade publication goes glam

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is going big, starting next month.  It will now be a glossy, large-format weekly magazine starting next month, reports the New York Times.  Content will be a mix of analytical, feature articles and photo spreads.

The price will increase to $5.99 for the weekly, up from $2.99 for the original daily, and publisher e5 Global Media plans on going on a hiring spree and increasing circulation.

NYT also reports THR’s website has been redesigned, with emphasis on breaking news, and that the daily print edition will now be a daily PDF file.  Richard Beckman, chief executive of e5 Global Media, also told NYT he’s going after more advertising dollars beginning with beauty, fashion, consumer electronics and liquor.

Fact-based health finally available in local book stores

RADIUS, an independent consumer magazine for health conscious readers of age forty-five and older, will finally be available in bookstores.  Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million across the US are now carrying the magazine on their shelves.

Every medical article in the publication is written by physicians in laymen terms in an easy-to-read format.  “I was tired of reading headlines that touted losing huge amounts of weight in short amounts of time,” said Dr. Dev Brar, publisher of Radius.  “That type of information is either not factual or harmful to one’s health.  Headlines like those may sell magazines, but we want to sell health…quality health.”  The magazine is packed with lifestyle articles about travel, pets, finances, fitness, recipes, and gardening.

Now, consumers have a choice of health advice in their local Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million stores.