New magazine to transform Florida counties

TRANSFORMATION MAGAZINE is a new monthly magazine serving the Suncoast region, Pinellas, Manatee, Hillsborough and Sarasota counties in Florida.  Founder Natalie Amsden describes it as “content-rich and real, focusing on topics that are relevant and inspirational.”

The magazine focuses on personal development, alternative health, and spiritual growth.  Its mission statement reads: “Transformation Magazine’s mission is to connect the personal growth and spiritually minded community within Florida’s Suncoast by providing inspirational and educational content and informational community resources.”

The publication features a range of writers, from individuals sharing their personal stories to reverends of new-thought churches, and from teachers who have traveled the world to doctors who have studied at Harvard.  The magazine also provides practical tools to help people improve their relationships, follow their purpose, releases life baggage, find their true self, grow spiritually, and find alternative means of healing.

Amsden said, “We all have a story to tell and it may be that your story can impact many people’s lives and that is why we welcome anyone to submit an article.”  It appears writers are not paid but do receive a 25% discount on advertising.

Distribution debuts at around 5,000 through more than 150 outlets.  Publishers are Joeel Rivera and Natalie Amsden, .


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