Birder’s World hatches revamped bi-monthly and a new name

BIRDER’S WORLD re-launched their brand with the April issue, unveiling a new name and new features.  The bimonthly publication is now called BIRD WATCHING.

Look for enhanced editorial sections and features, in addition to the articles and the photography familiar to readers throughout the United States and Canada.

Currently it has a circulation of 24,500.  Chuck Hagner will continue as editor and he can be reached by email at For more information visit their website.

Airline mergers good for magazines, but Wi-Fi threatens

SKY, Delta Airlines inflight magazine, went from 3.9 million readers to 4.7 million when Delta merged with Northwest Airlines.  And United Airlines’ HEMISPHERES* is more than doubling its audience this month as it takes over the seatback pockets on Continental, a result of the merger between the two airlines.

The increasing circulation is obviously delighting the publishers and the advertisers that feel there is a positive effect from having a captive audience.

But the relaxed, interference-free reading environment in an airplane cabin is about to disappear as more airlines transform their planes into Wi-Fi “hotspots,” allowing passengers to connect laptop computers and smartphones to the Internet.

Will this year see the end of inflight magazines?

New political movement gets its own magazine

TEA PARTY REVIEW launched at the Conservative Political Action Conference (C-PAC) in Washington, DC.

Its mission is “to support, advance and protect the authenticity of the tea party movement,” according to its Twitter feed.  Its website declares it is “a forum for Tea Partiers to come together, to trade ideas, to resolve disputes, to find out what other activists are doing and thinking.”

The magazine is published by Higher Standards Publishers, which “celebrate our Christian and conservative heritage in America,” according to their website.  Its frequency and circulation are unknown.

The editor of Tea Party Review is Christina Botteri,