High fashion magazines look to combine editorial content with shopping

VOGUE and other well-known fashion publications are considering a move that would allow online readers to purchase featured fashion items directly from the magazine.  The practice would turn fashion bibles like Vogue and ELLE into e-tailers.  “Do you like the coat or shoes in the photo spread?  Just click on it.”

Hearst Magazines is set to introduce “a series of e-commerce partnerships” this year, and already has partnered with Italian internet fashion retailer, Yoox.  HARPER’S BAZAAR last fall paired with Net-A-Porter to select clothing and accessories.

Magazines, eager to reclaim lost ad revenue in a weak economy, think the strategy will help their bottom lines.  But industry watchers wonder if there’s a price for leveraging readers’ trust.  Will this compromise editorial independence?  What do you think?


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