HGTV has its own construction project: Building a magazine

HGTV MAGAZINE will debut with a test issue in October, soon to be followed by another in January 2012.  Developed in a partnership between Scripps Networks’ HGTV and Hearst Magazines, the new publication should have a large ready-made fan base.  HGTV is broadcast to more than 99 million US households, and their website attracts 5 million visitors each month.

Like HGTV programming, the magazine will focus on home improvement, decorating, gardening, food and entertaining.  But the print offshoot will include broader lifestyle content, as well as contributions by HGTV personalities and a look behind the scenes of their shows.

Hearst and Scripps are building on the success of past joint ventures.  In 2008 they created the FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE, which now has a circulation of 1.5 million.  In addition, both Hearst’s COUNTRY LIVING and ESQUIRE magazines have partnered on projects with Scripps’ popular DIY network.  And who can forget Hearst’s first TV partnership with Oprah, beginning in May of 2000?

If the fall and winter test issues do well, look for a full-scale launch later in the year.  The editor-in-chief is Sara Peterson, former editor of COASTAL LIVING.  No email is yet available.


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