Every Day with Rachael Ray completely reorganized

EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY relaunches with the May issue.  The editorial, lifestyle and pop culture features will be expanded, and there will be 50% more recipes in each issue.  Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello said the goal behind the redesign is to bring more of Rachael Ray’s personality to the pages.  “Rachael’s connection to her loyal fans is officially beyond the kitchen.”

“We completely reorganized the magazine.”  It is now broken into four distinguishable sections: “Specials of the Month,” features specific to the current issue; “Found in every issue,” which are regular columns; and “two clear front-of-book sections,” “Fun” and “Food.”  New columns include “How Cool is That,” “You’ll Wanna Do It” and “Makeover Takeover.”

The magazine also has a bold new logo, fresh fonts and patterned pages.  Foliomag.com wrote that “the pages now include sketches and handwriting-like fonts; three dimensional slugs and textures like notebook paper, grocery bags and paper clipped items are seen throughout the copy.”

Monthly mobile apps allows readers to shoot the on-page jag tag and download extra content, shopping lists [and] special reader deals.  The digital version of the magazine is now available through Zinio and Nook versions.


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